Monday, 14 February 2011

14th January 2011

Our plane has arrived!!! The plane arrived in mid January with representatives present from the Royal Aeronautical Society ( RAeS), our Chief Executive Mr. Mark Davies, Dave Hall from the Light Aircraft Association ( LAA), our engineering development officer Tim Baldwin, Assistant Head Steve Spokes and myself, all there to off load the boxes and more importantly sign the contract! The plane was delivered in two boxes; one larger box holding the pre-fabricated cockpit frame structure and the other longer box holding all the thousands of other plane components. Our build a plane students have been hard at work making an inventory of all the parts to ensure we have all the bits we’ll need.

The next step was then to securely store all the parts in labelled lockable cupboards to make sure everything is secure and we can find the parts as we need them. We are all looking forward to the official launch of the project sometime in March where we are hoping representatives from Boeing and possibly a TV crew may be attending... fingers crossed. Finally, we have to start constructing the plane itself and the first piece to make are the rear tail wings and rudder. You can keep up to date with monthly progression by looking at images and storyline on our weblog at Mr. Buckley